Pocket Ashtray (recycled plastic)


Plastic from overproduction of the bottle industry, 100 % recyclable

Pocket ashtrays became a must-have for environmentally conscious ravers, because cigarette butts are a serious ecological problem. Even a slight rainfall is enough to flush their toxins into the groundwater. Plus, butts look sh***y on the ground and in the environment. No need for that, right?

If you missed out on getting one of our pocket ashtrays at the parade, this is your chance to grab one of the last pieces!

As always, the entire amount, minus VAT, will be used for the implementation of our charitable projects. Thank you for your support! ❤️??

Size: Ø 3 cm, 9 cm
Material ashtray: ? plastic from overproduction of the bottle industry

Interesting fact:
The ashtrays are manually screwed together and labelled with stickers by a charitable institution in Germany.

145 in stock

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